• Decentralisation Pledge

    Posted by · May 14, 2020 9:00 AM


    One Nation candidate Wade Rothery has called for a major shakeup to Queensland government departments, suggesting it is time for a major decentralisation initiative.

    Mr. Rothery said, “If there’s anything positive to take from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that Government departments have proven people can work remotely and achieve the same outcomes, leaving no excuse for the decentralisation of some departments.”

    Just this week, Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick announced that up to 1500 public servants will be freed from their city commute and allowed to work closer to home under a plan to rebalance the public service in a post-COVID world.

    “The virus forced federal and state governments to quickly implement work from home strategies, and while there were initial teething problems, it’s been proven that government employees don’t need to work from Brisbane offices,” Mr. Rothery said.

    Livingstone Shire Council’s Centre of Excellence for Disaster Management, Innovation, and Community Resilience (The Hub) has been left largely unoccupied since opening on April 30, 2018.

    “The State Government helped fund a state-of-the-art white elephant. It’s a magnificent building that’s sat empty on two levels for more than 800 days,” Mr. Rothery said.

    “Nobody wants to move into it despite the efforts made by the current council to entice tenants."

    “If the people of Keppel get behind me at this October election, I’ll be calling on the Queensland Government to relocate one of its many call centres to The Hub in Yeppoon.”

    “A decision to decentralise select government departments would assist in future jobs for Keppel, but also reduce the risk of offices completely shutting down if future outbreaks occur as they have in Melbourne.”

    “I’m confident that if some of these bureaucrats were offered a chance to relocate to a beachside community like Yeppoon or Emu Park where there’s no traffic congestion and the cost of buying a home is much more affordable, they’d jump at the offer.”


  • One Nation Picks Shailer Park Local to Contest Springwood

    Posted by · April 20, 2020 9:00 AM


    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation have announced local resident and motor vehicle mechanic Glen Cookson as their candidate for the upcoming state election for the seat of Springwood.

    “Mr Cookson has strong local ties to the Springwood Electorate having lived in the electorate for long periods of his life including currently in Shailer Park. He did his schooling at Springwood High, played sport at Rochedale South and currently works as a mechanic in Springwood. Glen knows the electorate and wants to make a difference for the betterment of the wider community” Candidate Coordinator Neil Symes said.

    Mr Cookson saw jobs, the economy and cost of living as major issues facing Springwood families that will be the focal point of his election platform.

    “Having a trade can take you anywhere, that is why I am proud to be part of the One Nation Queensland Team who values the need for a comprehensive apprenticeship scheme to help young people upskill for the workforce. Local jobs and trades will help keep the community and the economy running in these uncertain times.” Mr Cookson said.

    Furthermore, Mr Cookson understands the pressures facing local small business even before the Chinese virus stifled the local economy. “We need the Queensland Labor Government to get out of the way of small business that are already doing it tough, unfortunately the two tired old major parties have overtime placed unwanted regulations and red/green tape that have made businesses go to the wall. If elected, I will work with local business to reduce red/green tape whilst delivering a proper Buy Local to help promote and support Queensland owned businesses.”

    It is the first time since 1998 that the seat has been contested by One Nation and shows the dissatisfaction with the two major parties as well as the resurgence of minor party within Queensland since the election of Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts to the Federal Senate in 2016.

  • One Nation’s Sharon Bell halves Labor’s Bundamba Margin

    Posted by · March 29, 2020 9:00 AM


    On Sunday morning, electors woke to news that the third safest Labor seat in Queensland of Bundamba had seen a massive 13% swing away from the Palaszczuk Government due to a strong local campaign by Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate and local resident Sharon Bell.

    Counting as of early Sunday, One Nation received 27.93% first preference compared to Labor 42.44% which saw Labor hold the seat of Bundamba on 58.5% two-party preferred against One Nation’s Sharon Bell 41.5%. It is the first time the minor party has contested the outer Ipswich seat since 2004.

    “I am proud of the campaign my team and I have ran here in Bundamba focusing on the issues locals wanted addressed by the Queensland Labor Government. The massive swing against Labor shows locals are concerned by the SuperDump, lack of job creation as well as rising cost of living pressures under the Palaszczuk Government” Sharon Bell said.

    Sharon Bell attributed the rise in support to One Nation over the weekend to many factors including her local connections, One Nation’s opposition to the Dump and Incinerators as well as the work of Senator Hanson and Roberts are doing in the Federal Senate on behalf of Queenslanders and Ipswich residents.

    “Sharon has run a strong professional campaign which outlined and addressed the problems facing Bundamba under this Toxic Labor Government. She can be proud of her efforts and her desire to fight for Bundamba residents, that is why we would love for her to represent Bundamba in the general state election later this year. One Nation Candidate Coordinator Neil Symes said.

    “The new member for Bundamba has very big shoes to fill left by Jo-Ann, but we will shine a spotlight on inactivity in stopping the Labor SuperDump as well as the election promises made by the Queensland Labor Government during this By-election.  Jo-Ann didn’t rubberstamp every decision Jackie Trad made for Bundamba however we fear the new member for Bundamba will as a thank you for his pre-selection.” Sharon Bell said.

    Queensland voters are scheduled to go back to the polls late October 2020, with One Nation indicating it will run candidates in all seats within the greater Ipswich region.


  • One Nation’s Pauline Hanson supercharges Sharon Bell’s fight for Bundamba

    Posted by · February 29, 2020 9:00 AM


    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has supercharged the party’s pledge to stop the Ipswich mega-dump by adding her personal clout to a campaign event by Bundamba by-election candidate Sharon Bell.

    Senator Hanson accompanied Mrs Bell on Saturday at Redbank Plaza, where she met with scores of local shoppers and spoke about the dump and their other key concerns for the community.

    “Sharon Bell is an absolute powerhouse of a fighter for Ipswich and Bundamba, she’s is laser-focused, and that energy will ramp up even further in her fight against the Ipswich mega-dump if local people give their support and help her enter the Parliament,” Senator Hanson said.

    “Local residents are outraged at Labor’s dump plans, it’s a shocking project that has massive health and environment concerns, and Sharon is pretty much leading the fight against it already, so it really is crucial that local people give Sharon their vote.”

    Mrs Bell loves the Bundamba community and her hometown Ipswich, where she has lived for 20 years. She regularly gets out meeting with people about the issues they’d like to see fixed.

    “Wherever I go throughout the suburbs, speaking to everyday people from Blackstone down to Springfield and everywhere in between, the people say they’re angry Labor is forcing this dump in our backyard,” Mrs Bell said.

    “If I’m elected, I will put up a Private Members Bill to say NO to a SuperDump here. I want our area to be known as the progressive and beautiful Ipswich, not Tipswich!

    “One Nation is already listening to local concerns. We are a mature party, growing and punching well above its weight.

    “Labor has failed our region, it has taken us for granted for too long, and the Liberals are hopeless, so it’s clear to me that One Nation is the only choice for the people of Bundamba.”

    Mrs Bell is also keen to help ease cost of living pressures and saying NO to public asset sales.