• Sharon Bell Fires Shots at Labor Government Over JBS Meatworks Closure

    Posted by · September 17, 2020 10:45 AM


    One Nation candidate for Bundamba, Sharon Bell has fired shots at the Palaszczuk Labor Government over the closure of the JBS Meatworks in Dinmore that was announced yesterday and reported by the ABC and the Queensland Times. The closure will result in the loss of more than 600 full-time jobs in the Ipswich area and the shutdown of one of the region’s largest private employers.

    Media outlets were quick to point to the fact that the companies export market to China had been shut off as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, causing the collapse, but Sharon Bell insists that it doesn’t give the full picture. “Four weeks”, Ms Bell began, “that’s how long we’ve known that this Meatworks facility was in imminent danger of closing its doors”.

    “Between our federal member Shayne Neumann, state member Lance McCallum and Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace, not a single thing was done to salvage this Ipswich icon and now they want to blame the federal government?”, the passionate One Nation candidate asked.

    “Labor want to play the blame game and shed crocodile tears, well quite frankly, I’m not buying it”.

    Ms Bell represented One Nation at the 2020 Bundamba by-election earlier this year alongside the COVID-stricken Council elections and took a remarkable 11.2% off Labor’s primary vote, sending the party establishment a strong message that change was needed.

    “JBS Meatworks has suffered for several months now, long before this pandemic,” Bell continued.

    “Queensland Labor’s inability to provide water security for our state and ensure reliable baseload power has meant that the price of both water and electricity has skyrocketed not only for our local businesses, but for our families living here in Bundamba”.

    Never one to overlook mediocrity, Bell relinquished the fact that politics has descended into a toxic game of finger pointing as opposed to achieving actual results.

    “Queensland now boasts the highest unemployment numbers in the nation thanks to Premier Palaszczuk and Labor,” Bell asserted.

    “The day politicians start being up front, honest and serving the people they’re elected to represent, the sooner our state will be able to move forward”.

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    Media contacts

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  • One Nation Promises a Fair Go for Farmers

    Posted by · September 17, 2020 10:40 AM


    One Nation candidates across Regional Queensland have pledged to be the most farmer-friendly members of Parliament in the states 160-year history.

    On the back of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s disdain for communities north of the gateway bridge and west of Toowoomba, the candidates are fired up and ready to shirtfront the local members in several key seats.

    Nanango candidate, Tony Scrimshaw, has his work cut out for him looking to unseat Opposition leader Deb Frecklington, but remains buoyant that voters will see through the lies of both major parties. “The National Party no longer represents us out here in the Nanango electorate anymore. Gone are the days of Bjelke-Petersen and now we are left with a local member who spends more time pandering to voters in the inner-city Brisbane area than listening to local concerns”, the former member of the Australian Defence Force said. “I’m up for the fight because I’m in it for the farmers and the people of Kingaroy, not for power-hungry Brisbane bureaucrats”.

    Condamine candidate, Greg Priebe, has joined the growing chorus of fed up everyday people in regional Queensland and echoes the concerns of Mr Scrimshaw. “Regional Queensland has suffered at the hands of the ALP for many years now with the LNP showing time and time again that they are no suitable alternative”, Mr Priebe said. “Whether it’s going soft on radical-left farm invaders or failing to ensure water security during the dry season, locals are crying out for support in the midst of this turbulent period”.

    One Nation’s Member for Mirani, Stephen Andrew, attested to the inaction of our current parliament and joined in on the calls for a change. “The last 3 years as your local member has brought me the honour and responsibility of being the thorn in the backside of the major parties when it comes to standing up for central Queenslanders”, the MP said. “I need more committed MP’s to join me in this next term of parliament, and we’ve got two fine examples in Tony Scrimshaw and Greg Priebe”.

    One Nation has vigorously challenged Labor and the LNP’s lack of care for farming communities during the last term of government and insist things will change with a larger crossbench that is willing to hold the major parties to account.

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    Media contacts

    Tony Scrimshaw 0429 099 307

    Greg Priebe 0488 434 178

    Stephen Andrew 0437 214 771

  • One Nation Candidate for Cook “Beaver” Neal Pours on the Pressure

    Posted by · September 09, 2020 1:06 PM


    One Nation candidate for Cook Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal has slammed Labor’s Cynthia Lui for keeping her constituent office outside of the electorate. Lui’s Cook electorate office is in Cairns city, more than an hour’s drive away from the southern border of Cook near Port Douglas.

    The local Labor MP has failed to respond to calls questioning why this is the case, but One Nation’s Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal has said that simply is not good enough. “How can she claim to serve our rural community in far north Queensland when she is shopping at Cairns Myer and downing cocktails with backpackers at Gilligan’s in the Cairns CBD?”.

    Neal has been on the campaign trail for several weeks now, connecting with locals from Cooktown to Weipa and Port Douglas out to Aurukun. Whilst issues of youth crime and further improving the conditions for our remote Indigenous communities were a common thread when talking to locals, “Beaver” insists that the electorate office farce would always come up.

    “This is what locals are telling me”, the 35-year old said. “They’re sick and tired of city slickers running the show as our rural communities struggle to secure funding for critical infrastructure like a 24/7 police station that is so desperately needed in Mossman”.

    When asked if she would change the situation if elected, Neal was quick to answer “100%, day one I would be scouting locations in Mareeba, Port Douglas or Cooktown before getting straight to work. It angers me that the local member feels that she is better than all of us up here in the electorate of Cook, demonstrated in her arrogance to remain inside this inner-city bubble. We’ve suffered as a result.”

    The Queensland state election is coming up on the 31st of October and with far north Queensland’s most recognisable faces on the hustings, Cynthia Lui MP had better be up for one hell of a fight.

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    Media contacts

    Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal 0431234426

  • One Nation Slams Labor for Putting Paedophiles Before People

    Posted by · September 09, 2020 12:07 PM


    The Palaszczuk Labor government have received renewed criticism over their decision to vote against the establishment of a public sex offenders register, this time from an unlikely source.

    One Nation’s female candidates throughout Queensland have expressed absolute disgust in the government’s decision to prioritise paedophiles over people. From Bundamba, Mackay and Maryborough in central Queensland to Whitsunday and Cook further north, the passionate women have banded together to stand up for the children affected by sexual tyrants.

    “It’s honestly baffling”, One Nation’s candidate for Whitsunday Deb Lawson said.

    “Labor have always been soft on violent criminals, but there should be no excuse for going soft or even protecting paedophiles who ruin the lives of children” If the law prevents us from  keeping these people in jail indefinitely, we need to know who they are where they are and how we can ensure they don’t reoffend against other kids again.

    Candidate for Bundamba, Sharon Bell, echoed the sentiments: “Where is the justice? We have got kids having their lives destroyed at the hands of sexual predators, while this Labor government gives them a free pass to get off with good behaviour bonds and suspended sentences. The people of Queensland are sick of it and so am I”.

    One Nation’s Mackay candidate, Christine Keys, did not hesitate when voicing her concerns as well: “Our young families have a right to know if they’re living next door to a paedophile”, Keys said.

    “Police are doing the best they can to identify these sick individuals, but our state government and courts are giving them nothing more than a slap on the wrist and allowing them to live in suburban streets where our kids play”.

    Maryborough candidate, Sharon Lohse, took aim at the local member Bruce Saunders for his pathetic excuse for voting against a public sex offender register. “Mr Saunders claimed that ‘Queensland has the toughest laws in the nation’ when dealing with paedophiles, but actively votes to water down punishment. Families should be angry”, Ms Lohse said.

    One Nation candidate for Cook Brett “Beaver” Neal took a proactive approach to dealing with the situation.

    “The people up here in far north Queensland continue to be let down by this Labor government and it breaks my heart to see young lives being destroyed by these destructive paedophiles” the 35-year-old said.

    “There comes a point where if the public don’t think that the punishment fits the crime, you’ll start to see the public take the law into their own hands and that’s not what we want.”

    With the Queensland state election on October 31st, this group of One Nation women have committed to reintroducing public sex offenders register if One Nation manages to hold the balance of power following October 31.

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    Media contacts

    Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal 0431 234 426

    Sharon Lohse 0417 907 861

    Sharon Bell 0416 080 994

    Christine Keys 0403 185 396

    Deb Lawson 0412 661 300

  • Agforce Versus Pauline Hanson on Bradfield Scheme

    Posted by · September 06, 2020 3:12 PM


    One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has labelled AgForce as counterproductive following a statement by Queensland’s peak farming body that the money needed to build a hybrid version of the Bradfield Scheme would be better spent elsewhere.

    The Queensland Senator has boldly supported the water project since her re-election to the federal parliament in 2016.

    Senator Hanson said, "These organisations have been proven in the past to not always make the right decisions for the man on the land.”

    “Peak farming bodies have destroyed the pig industry, they’ve supported free trade agreements that have hurt fruit growers and look at what their support of deregulating the dairy industry has done to Queensland farmers."

    “They’re too often glued to the hip of political parties which prevents them from truly representing the interest of their farming members.”

    "If we want to increase our farming capacity, Queensland must commit to the Bradfield Scheme."

    A feasibility study into the Bradfield Scheme was delivered in 2018 revealing an estimated $20 billion investment would be required to complete the project.

    Senator Hanson said, “Drought proofing Queensland should be the number one priority of the next Government, but both Labor and the LNP have more interest in throwing their support behind a bid for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics which has cost Japan $12.6 billion, and the previous host city of Rio more than $13 billion in 2016.”

    “Labor has a woeful reputation when it comes to water. They’ve failed to repair Paradise Dam. They’ve played games and stalled the Rookwood Weir and their Pristine Rivers legislation will quite literally prevent any further water infrastructure from being built in Queensland if they win the next term of Government.”

    “We need to drive significant investment into water and electricity across Queensland and if AgForce can't see that, they’re part of the problem.”

    “If One Nation holds the balance of power in the next Parliament, we will introduce a publicly available water register so that every Queenslander can see who owns the precious commodity.”

    “Let’s see who in AgForce owns and trades water at the cost of farmers?”

    “Let’s see if there’s self-interest at play here.”

    One Nation will run in 90 Queensland seats at the upcoming October 31 state election.


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  • One Nation Schooling Policy Promotes English, Maths, Science… and Sensible Sex Education

    Posted by · July 31, 2020 5:59 PM


    One Nation has revealed an education policy that is revolutionary as it will return the curriculum to the solid foundations of English, Maths and Science.

    The policy also removes controversial overly-sexualised sex education that has shocked and frightened some Queensland parents and exposed what is a failed Government vetting process.

    “My three points about the policy would be that it gets the children back to learning English, Mathematics and Science, which have been neglected; it teaches them how to think and not what to think; and it cleans up the curriculum and makes it wholesome,” said Christine Keys, a former school principal, One Nation’s education advisor and candidate for Mackay.

    Ms Keys co-wrote most of the policy alongside Graeme Campbell, One Nation’s candidate for Glass House and also a former schoolteacher.

    “What’s happening now in education is simply not working and that’s proven by the state’s poor NAPLAN* results,” Mr Campbell explained.

    “Let teachers be teachers, let’s stop looking at all these abstract units of teaching and let’s get back to basics and give these kids skills.

    “The other thing that’s really important about the One Nation policy is that we want to teach real life skills to these kids so that when they finish their education they will be more able to cope in real-life situations involving activities such as applying for a loan, doing their tax, enrolling to vote.”

    Alongside a return to solid traditional academic foundations, the policy also removes damaging sexualised subjects.

    “We need to get rid of the Respectful Relationships program, which is just Safe Schools by another name,” Ms Keys said.

    “There is such filth in that particular program that I personally think it’s child abuse; I don’t want my granddaughter going in to Prep and being told just because she has a v****a it doesn’t mean she’s a girl. It’s just rubbish and it flies in the face of Science.”

    The party’s sensible, practical and protective policy has the full backing of One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, who is adamant schools should equip children to achieve success in life and career, without politicised and sexualised content.

    “Our children need our help to learn practical skills and concepts and set themselves up for their working careers, and they can’t achieve that if the adults they rely on are feeding them rubbish from a flawed curriculum,” Senator Hanson said.

    “One Nation’s policy aims to rectify those massive shortfalls, give the kids a solid foundation of learning and understanding, and an ability to think for themselves; to help them become resourceful and independent, which is what parents want.”

    Mr Campbell commented: “When we wrote this policy, we listened to people with a lot of experience in the education area, and it was obvious in their opinions that the curriculum has gone too far ‘out there’ and the concepts are just not basic helpful concepts anymore. We need to address that.”

    The One Nation Education policy includes as key foundations:

    • Prioritise the development of comprehension, reading, writing, science, and mathematical skills
    • Ensure the learn-to-read programs are based on the explicit teaching of phonics**
    • Demand entry requirements for teaching university degrees to be substantially increased to reflect the top 30% of the adult population
    • Abolish Queensland’s ‘Respectful Relationships’ program and instead introduce a basic sex education lesson that informs young adults of STDs and forms of protection
    • Reform Social Science and Cultural studies to ensure a balanced and evidence-based content when teaching
    • Increase funding of chaplaincy programs throughout schools to provide pastoral care for student well-being and community cohesion
    • Reintroduce competition in our classrooms and remove the ‘everyone’s  a winner’ belief
    • Implement teacher salaries equal to their level of training and responsibility
    • Encourage a greater balance between men and women teachers

    The policy also aims to rebuild numbers of male teachers, who have for many years been leaving the education sector.

    “I’m an ex-teacher myself. I was on a staff of 18 and I was the only male teacher. I’d like to see that imbalance reduced; men are important role models for kids and they're also really valuable in schools,” Mr Campbell said.

    “The landscape for children now has changed with more single parent families, so I think it is necessary to have more males around so these kids can look up to men and not be scared of them in public life.”

    Interestingly, failures of the Queensland Education system have been exposed as a result of the Covid-19 closures.

    “This is a really good time for an election, because parents have been using the remote learning program with their children and they’re not happy with what they see, and the lack of academic progress in their children,” Ms Keys said.

    “I have a friend whose daughter is upset because she discovered that her Grade 5 child doesn’t know her two-times tables, because they don’t have time to learn them at school.

    “When reading newsletters written by many principals I cringe at the poor quality of spelling, punctuation and grammar, and some of the things I’ve heard teachers say and teach in classrooms have been totally incorrect and misleading. It’s a terrible indictment on our education system.

    So, my heart is to get the children back to learning what they need to know to become really worthwhile citizens, adults who can cope. One Nation’s education policy aims to achieve that.” 


  • One Nation Declares War on LNP Leader Deb Frecklington

    Posted by · July 22, 2020 5:51 PM


    One Nation candidate for Nanango has declared war on LNP leader Deb Frecklington, suggesting the seat will come down to Labor preferences.

    Tony Scrimshaw served a combined 14 years in the Australian Army and Navy before moving to Nanango and says the current member is no leader.

    “Queensland faces its toughest battle since World War 2 in the wake of the coronavirus and I don’t see Deb Frecklington leading us out of this economic nightmare,” Mr. Scrimshaw said.

    “If you can’t inspire your own electorate, you’ve got Buckley's chance of inspiring the rest of the state.”

    The One Nation candidate admits Labor must go but says after living in Nanango for the past 8 years, the region still faces uncertainty when it comes to water security.

    "If Deb Frecklington had the same drive and passion for Nanango and regional Queensland as Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen did, I wouldn’t be standing.”

    Mr. Scrimshaw blames a lack of water for dwindling peanut harvests and an uncertain farming future for the region as Bjelke-Petersen Dam drops to just 16.05% of capacity.

    “As a former defence person, I’ve travelled to third world countries that don’t have water security, and they’re stuffed."

    "I never want to see Queensland or the country end up in that same position because we didn’t have the foresight to do something about it.”

    “We have the means, the expertise, and the AA+ credit rating to borrow the money to start building infrastructure that will give us water security for agriculture and the future growth of our nation.”

    “I’m not interested in another feasibility study on the Bradfield Scheme, the last one was done in 2018 and passed with flying colours."

    "Our capacity to grow crops across the Nanango electorate is only limited by its access to water.”

    Mr. Scrimshaw has also identified the need to start work on building a new High Energy, Low Emissions (HELE) power generator alongside the ageing Tarong Power Station.

    “I don’t agree with Deb Frecklington’s plans to close Tarong and cover prime agricultural land with solar panels.”

    “I’m in favour of a mix of energy, however, Queensland must keep its coal-fired power to ensure reliable and affordable energy for households and manufacturing.” 

    "You don’t cut your nose off to spite your face, otherwise we will simply price ourselves out of the market when competing with overseas manufacturers,” Mr. Scrimshaw said.

    The One Nation candidate is confident Nanango is seeking change but doesn’t expect Deb Frecklington to be returned after the October 31 election.


  • One Nation Releases Youth Justice Policy

    Posted by · July 14, 2020 5:53 PM


    One Nation has released its youth justice policy, labelling it the most comprehensive law and order plan for Queensland ahead of the October election.

    The ten-point policy received input from serving and former police officers, aboriginal elders, correctional staff and a deliberate night’s stay in a Townsville bail house.

    One Nation candidate for Thuringowa, Troy Thompson said, “Labor has become the kings of crime and should be ashamed of their skyrocketing crime statistics across Queensland.”

    Australian Bureau of Statistics crime data released this month reveals Queensland now leads the nation in car theft, homicide, and victims of unlawful entry while recording the largest increase in robberies in a decade.

    “Police are at their wit's end because the resources and dedication is there to catch the criminals, but our courts are failing in their efforts to deal with these kids, often releasing them back into the community and allowing them to go on and re-offend time and time again,” Mr. Thompson said.

    “The soft approach this government has taken is failing the victims and the publics' expectation that criminals will be dealt with appropriately."

    Queensland’s Youth Justice Department reveals 1526 detention centre admissions were made during 2018-19. 37% represent first-ever admissions to detention, while 63% had served prior time.

    Mr. Thompson says, “The deterrent in our justice system just isn’t there.”

    "These kids know that it’s highly unlikely they’ll serve any time in detention, with 99% of young criminals spending less than 12 weeks in lockup when they are convicted.”

    The One Nation youth justice policy also includes assistance to victims of crime.

    “I’ve had a screwdriver held to my neck by young thugs in Townsville who wanted my wallet and car keys. I know what victims of crime go through, and this is the only policy that takes into account the sufferer and offers them the assistance they need to deal with the trauma,” Mr. Thompson said.

    “We know that most kids and young adults go through life without involving themselves in crime, but sadly there’s always a percentage that needs the full force of the law to come down hard on them. We’re failing them if we don’t."

    One Nation holds the balance of power in New South Wales, Western Australia and in the federal parliament and hopes to replicate their position following the October election.

    “For an effective Queensland parliament, Labor and the LNP need proper oversight which One Nation has demonstrated in other states across the country.”

    The party has already formally endorsed 55 candidates ahead of the October 31 election.




  • One Nation Announces Five Sunshine Coast Candidates

    Posted by · July 01, 2020 5:56 PM


    Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has announced five Sunshine Coast candidates to contest the upcoming Queensland State election. 

    Candidates for Buderim, Glass House, Kawana, Ninderry, and Caloundra will represent the Party across the normally conservative region, with a plan to fast track overdue infrastructure, while boosting jobs in the wake of COVID-19 and a global recession. 

    State campaign coordinator, Neil Symes said, “There are multiple, shovel ready projects here on the Sunshine Coast that has been promised by both major parties, but to date, none of them have started.”

    “The Bruce Highway has increasingly become a carpark as a result of the population boom throughout the region, especially in the southern part of the Sunshine Coast which is why One Nation supports the six-lane upgrade between Caboolture and Caloundra.”

    “Locals in railway towns have been promised the duplication of the railway line between Beerburrum and Nambour for decades, but it’s never been delivered.”

    “If Queensland is to borrow money in the wake of this pandemic, it should be loaned based on genuine infrastructure projects that will alleviate traffic and improve the lifestyles of Sunshine Coast residents.”


     Caloundra (Luke Poland)

     Glass House (Graeme Campbell)

     Buderim (Joyce Hosking)

     Ninderry (Frank Weijers)

     Kawana (Lyn Moussalli)


    Following a further growth in crime across the Sunshine Coast over the past three years, One Nation has released a ten-point plan which includes a greater focus on increasing Magistrate numbers, building additional drug rehabilitation centres, abolishing the ‘No Pursuit’ policy and re-establishing community policing initiatives.

    The Queensland election will take place on October 31, 2020.


  • One Nation’s Neil Symes Branded Labor Superdump an Unwanted Incinerator

    Posted by · June 18, 2020 5:46 PM


    One Nation candidate for Jordan, Neil Symes has branded Labor’s decision to establish an unwanted SuperDump and the state’s first garbage incinerator in Ipswich, as one of the main reasons he wants to re-enter Queensland politics.

    The Criminology and Human Services graduate who first served as an MP in 2012 at the age of 23 says he’s fired up and determined to overturn Labor’s SuperDump plans if elected.

    Mr. Symes said, “If the decision to build a SuperDump isn’t overturned, house prices will tumble leaving many residents with a mortgage worth more than the value of their home, and the region will be left stinking to high heaven."

    “The people of Jordan and greater Ipswich don’t need another battle on their hands, especially given the economic fallout and job losses we’re faced with following COVID and a recession.”

    “If the Labor Party thinks that building more and more dumps in Ipswich is the economic blueprint to recovery following the coronavirus, god help us."

    Mr. Symes has encouraged voters to send a clear message to the regions four Ipswich Members of Parliament by putting Labor last on October 31.

    “The people are angry and rightfully so. They don’t want Ipswich dubbed ’Tipswich’, which is sadly growing momentum and will stick if Labor retains Jordan and other seats in the area.”

    Former Labor Member for Bundamba, Jo-Ann Miller fiercely rejected her party's support for the SuperDump plans before retiring in February 2020.

    The One Nation candidate has also indicated an urgent need to tackle the region's high crime rate and the cost of living pressures facing Jordan families.

    “As a criminologist, I find it worrying to read the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that reveal murders have soared by 32% and robbery numbers have increased by a worrying 19% throughout the state."

    “Labor have earned themselves the reputation of being the kings of crime due to their soft approach towards criminals.”

    Mr. Symes has also identified the need to plan for a high school in the Greenback / New Beith catchment area that will take the pressure off Flagstone and Park Ridge communities as population numbers grow.

    “It’s a far better use of taxpayers money if we start building infrastructure the region has been crying out for instead of leaving people on unemployment benefits. Let’s create much-needed jobs."

    Queenslanders will go to the polls in under three months, with One Nation hopeful to improve on their two-party preferred vote in Jordan of 40.1%.