Tabita Wilkinson for Coomera

Meet Tabita

Tabita has been selected to represent the electorate for Coomera on behalf of Pauline One Nation. 

Tabita grew up in Eastern Europe under the oppressive communist regime. During this time Tabita has learnt to value and appreciate freedom and liberty and to not take it for granted. 

Tabita could no longer sit on the sidelines any longer watching our beautiful country of Australia descend into communism through the globalist agenda and the inept LNP and toxic Labour Government. 

Tabita is also a qualified nurse and mum to 3 teenage boys. She is friendly, approachable and has a caring heart for the community. 

As a nurse, she will make physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of the community a priority. Given her medical background, she will be able to accurately assess all medical data regarding COVID and ensure the best long term management of the virus is put in place. 

Tabita believes COVID is a manageable virus and the hysteria surrounding COVID is just a political agenda promoted through Main Steam Media by the toxic Palaszczuk Labour Government and the good for nothing Liberal Party. 

As a nurse, Tabita is also concerned about the medical tyranny which she has seen at a governmental level through forced/coerced vaccinations and denied access to vital treatment and medication.

Due to the Palaszczuk Labour Government we now have struggling businesses and tourism industry, increased unemployed, the surge in crime, health, education and family crisis. 

Tabita will work hard for the people of Coomera to bring back jobs into Qld, reduce unemployment and improve health care and standards of living.

Tabita is the voice of the people of Coomera, she is for the people and will fight on behalf of the people with courage and determination against medical tyranny and governmental tyranny. 

She will also stand for the rights of minority ethnical and religious groups who often feel marginalised in our society and promote equality and freedom for all people regardless of age, race, religion or sexuality. She will make sure that your freedoms and rights will be respected and not violated. 


Need to get in contact?

To get in contact with Tabita, you can send her an email at or call her on 0492 813 787.

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