Sharon Sewell for Gaven

Living on the Gold Coast since 1984, Sharon is married, a mother of an eight year old son and owner of a well established small printing business. Her family live in Nerang and thoroughly enjoy the community, businesses and beautiful surroundings that they live in. Sharon doesn’t want our Australian way of life to be taken away and she does not want to sit on the sidelines anymore and knows being part of One Nation she will help make a difference for the people of Gaven and Queensland.

Sharon’s family has been in small business in printing on the Gold Coast for over 35 years. She has been brought up to work hard with honesty and integrity. She knows how resilient you need to be with her own business and understands the importance of supporting other local businesses and keeping industry in Australia.

“Being part of the printing industry for so long, I have witnessed first hand how much work has been sent overseas and how hard it is to survive through this. I will bring enthusiasm and experience and campaign for our community to support local business.”

Small business is the backbone of most Australian livelihoods and brings freedom of choice to the people. Sharon wants to keep independent business alive and thriving. Small to medium sized businesses employ more people than any other sector in the country and the more these businesses flourish the more they can contribute to other sectors such as our health, education and safety. Sharon knows Labor, the Greens and the LNP have no real understanding of this.

The electorate of Gaven has a great community spirit and the residents respect Australian traditions. Sharon has worked many long hours to keep her business open and people employed, donated, volunteered as a Girl Guide leader for many years and does what she can for a better life for her family and those around her.

“I am grateful for the opportunities and freedoms that Australia has given me. I will stand up for all those that want to keep our traditions and Australian way of life.”

Sharon wants to prioritise the safety of the community and sees we need upgrades and funding to assist our hard working police force in the area.

“Crime has spiralled out of control in Queensland. We need local representatives that will get tough on crime and deliver real outcomes to make our community safer.”

As a long term Gold Coast resident and business owner, Sharon has experienced the damaging effects first hand that came with her region hosting a Commonwealth Games. This is why joining forces with One Nation to oppose the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games & the $8.9 billion price tag that comes with it was a no brainer.

With your vote you will help Sharon and the One Nation Team to be a driving force behind reducing the cost of living, water infrastructure for our farmers, supporting local business, improving education, tackling crime and keeping Australian values.


Please feel free to contact Sharon by emailing or call 0481 443 092.

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