One Nation’s Pauline Hanson supercharges Sharon Bell’s fight for Bundamba


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has supercharged the party’s pledge to stop the Ipswich mega-dump by adding her personal clout to a campaign event by Bundamba by-election candidate Sharon Bell.

Senator Hanson accompanied Mrs Bell on Saturday at Redbank Plaza, where she met with scores of local shoppers and spoke about the dump and their other key concerns for the community.

“Sharon Bell is an absolute powerhouse of a fighter for Ipswich and Bundamba, she’s is laser-focused, and that energy will ramp up even further in her fight against the Ipswich mega-dump if local people give their support and help her enter the Parliament,” Senator Hanson said.

“Local residents are outraged at Labor’s dump plans, it’s a shocking project that has massive health and environment concerns, and Sharon is pretty much leading the fight against it already, so it really is crucial that local people give Sharon their vote.”

Mrs Bell loves the Bundamba community and her hometown Ipswich, where she has lived for 20 years. She regularly gets out meeting with people about the issues they’d like to see fixed.

“Wherever I go throughout the suburbs, speaking to everyday people from Blackstone down to Springfield and everywhere in between, the people say they’re angry Labor is forcing this dump in our backyard,” Mrs Bell said.

“If I’m elected, I will put up a Private Members Bill to say NO to a SuperDump here. I want our area to be known as the progressive and beautiful Ipswich, not Tipswich!

“One Nation is already listening to local concerns. We are a mature party, growing and punching well above its weight.

“Labor has failed our region, it has taken us for granted for too long, and the Liberals are hopeless, so it’s clear to me that One Nation is the only choice for the people of Bundamba.”

Mrs Bell is also keen to help ease cost of living pressures and saying NO to public asset sales.


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