One Nation Slams Labor for Putting Paedophiles Before People


The Palaszczuk Labor government have received renewed criticism over their decision to vote against the establishment of a public sex offenders register, this time from an unlikely source.

One Nation’s female candidates throughout Queensland have expressed absolute disgust in the government’s decision to prioritise paedophiles over people. From Bundamba, Mackay and Maryborough in central Queensland to Whitsunday and Cook further north, the passionate women have banded together to stand up for the children affected by sexual tyrants.

“It’s honestly baffling”, One Nation’s candidate for Whitsunday Deb Lawson said.

“Labor have always been soft on violent criminals, but there should be no excuse for going soft or even protecting paedophiles who ruin the lives of children” If the law prevents us from  keeping these people in jail indefinitely, we need to know who they are where they are and how we can ensure they don’t reoffend against other kids again.

Candidate for Bundamba, Sharon Bell, echoed the sentiments: “Where is the justice? We have got kids having their lives destroyed at the hands of sexual predators, while this Labor government gives them a free pass to get off with good behaviour bonds and suspended sentences. The people of Queensland are sick of it and so am I”.

One Nation’s Mackay candidate, Christine Keys, did not hesitate when voicing her concerns as well: “Our young families have a right to know if they’re living next door to a paedophile”, Keys said.

“Police are doing the best they can to identify these sick individuals, but our state government and courts are giving them nothing more than a slap on the wrist and allowing them to live in suburban streets where our kids play”.

Maryborough candidate, Sharon Lohse, took aim at the local member Bruce Saunders for his pathetic excuse for voting against a public sex offender register. “Mr Saunders claimed that ‘Queensland has the toughest laws in the nation’ when dealing with paedophiles, but actively votes to water down punishment. Families should be angry”, Ms Lohse said.

One Nation candidate for Cook Brett “Beaver” Neal took a proactive approach to dealing with the situation.

“The people up here in far north Queensland continue to be let down by this Labor government and it breaks my heart to see young lives being destroyed by these destructive paedophiles” the 35-year-old said.

“There comes a point where if the public don’t think that the punishment fits the crime, you’ll start to see the public take the law into their own hands and that’s not what we want.”

With the Queensland state election on October 31st, this group of One Nation women have committed to reintroducing public sex offenders register if One Nation manages to hold the balance of power following October 31.

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