Ross Konowalenko for Pumicestone

Ross and his wife of 24 years Denise, moved from Brisbane soon after their marriage buying their block of land then building their home in Beachmere. With close proximity to the Morayfield/Caboolture shopping and industrial complexes, the bays and beaches of Bribie Island and Pumicestone Passage, with convenient access to the Bruce Highway, Caboolture rail station and Brisbane airport, they are here to stay. Ross’ commitment to maintaining the ambience and liveability of the area for the benefit of all has taken many forms. For the last 6 years of his 30 year plus policing career, he was stationed at Caboolture and Bribie Island police stations and has maintained his commitment to the community as a member of the local Crime Stoppers group and as a Justice of the Peace for over 12 years. Prior to ‘retiring’ from the police, he commenced studies through Griffith  University and after graduating in teaching and human resource management, he was a teacher at the Caboolture High School. Ross returned to study full time with Griffith and on completing his legal studies, he was accepted to work at the Woodford Correctional Centre where he has been for the past 6 years. While at the centre, he has completed further studies with Charles Sturt University in religious education, philosophy and ethics. In his spare time, he has been a volunteer with St John Ambulance for 10 years, is a current member of the Bribie Island SES and the Beachmere RSL, is a marriage celebrant and since 2007 and has been a site co-ordinator in Beachmere and Bribie Island for the annual ‘Clean Up Australia’ days. Until recently, Ross was a member of the Army Reserve and during his 40 plus years of service, his highlights included various commands of infantry units, then as a project officer in Army Aviation, instructor at the Royal Military College, Duntroon and working on national projects while at Army Headquarters, Canberra. Here is a person dedicated to the service of others, not afraid of getting his hands dirty at the coal face, or driving change at all levels through to senior executive level. His highly developed work ethic had it’s beginnings working a paper run after school then working on the land where he at one time owned his own beef raising farm before embarking on his policing and Army Reserve careers. Ross has been a long-term member and supporter of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, and he strongly believes in the aims, policies and objectives of the party which are consistent with the service he has provided at both state and national level to make this a better and safer Australia for all. 

These life skills have taught Ross to have a practical common-sense approach to problem solving resulting in solid workable solutions that are both efficient and effective. Ross has also learnt the value of integrity, loyalty and teamwork and clearly understands the importance of duty and the responsibility that a leader must have to those for whom they are responsible for.

Over the years Ross has witnessed how Queensland and Australia have been mismanaged by both major political parties with agendas to maintain a two party monopoly of the Australian political landscape for the sole purpose of maintaining their ‘perks of office’ as opposed to putting Australia first as a nation of prosperity and opportunity for all. The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) has exposed the weaknesses in our manufacturing and industrial self sustainability and the reliance on a single major trading partner. Who could forget the instances where in past elections Labour have prefernced Liberal, or Liberal have preferenced Labour over One Nation. This is a demonstrated act of politics over people, at the expense of those voters who were loyal and voted for their party principles, to only to be then discarded by those they put their trust in, as ‘collateral damage’.

Ross is disgusted by the arrogance shown to the people of Queensland by the major political parties. Their attitude is one of complete contempt and disrespect to the people of Queensland. The selling off of state assets and the total neglect and destruction of our states manufacturing and agricultural industries by successive state governments has had a direct impact on the living standards of the majority of Queenslanders.

I commit to taking an active, bipartisan approach to lifting the prosperity and safety of Pumicestone and look forward to your support at this October Queensland election."

At the upcoming Queensland State Election, Ross will campaign on:

  • Bringing Back Australian Values. Ross advocates that no-one should feel unsafe at home or anywhere - looking after each other is the foundation that identifies us uniquely as ‘Australian’. As a former police officer and teacher, Ross knows that education is the key and will continue to work with schools, government departments and community groups to reduce the incidence of violence in our community. “Everyone has a right to be safe from domestic violence, bullying or any form of discrimination


  • Affordable Energy and Cost of Living. The rising cost of daily living is placing more stress on families, pensioners and those saving to either, buy their own home, start their own business or undertake higher education. Ross will explore savings in all areas of government and utility providers to drive down prices thereby putting more of your money back in your pocket. “I want pensioner’s to enjoy the retirement they have worked for and younger people to enjoy their life journey.” Strong leadership from Ross will ensure a more even distribution of ‘wealth’ to you.


  • Climate Change. We are blessed with natural beauty and clean open spaces which is a pivotal reason why we remain or choose to settle in Pumicestone. It is up to us as the current custodians to maintain our environment for all, (including our future generations), to enjoy and for flora and fauna to thrive while reducing our carbon footprint. ‘I will work with all government departments to drive efficiencies that enhance our environment and employment/business opportunities whilst offsetting carbon emissions. I will work with our local council to ensure that future developments and current practices enhance the beauty and eco sustainability of our Pumicestone and not detract from it. We need to work with nature and the environment - not against it”.


  • Enhancing employment opportunities. We Australians are renowned as innovators with a ‘can do’ attitude. By supporting local businesses and attracting new business to Pumicestone, we can then provide more employment positions for all – including our over 50’s seeking new opportunities and our younger generations starting their working careers. Pumicestone is open for business and environmental friendly industries and entrepreneurs will be encouraged to ‘set up shop’ supported with a ‘Buy Queensland’ government strategy that includes awarding contracts to Queensland owned and operated businesses. Further support will be provided with enhanced apprenticeship and transitional skills training schemes to meet employer expectations of their new workforce.    
  • Enhancing our children’s life skills based education.  Our school teachers do a good job, but there is more that could be done with the curriculum they are required to teach to prepare each student for their future life journey. But teachers can’t do this alone, they also need the family unit and the wider community to support them in their role. From primary grades on, would benefit from presentations (either direct or remote) on emotional, ethical and philosophical studies, body and mind development awareness, life choices awareness and consequences, first nations peoples traditions and practices,  monetary and contractual obligations, family and social dynamics, etc., delivered by both government and non government accredited facilitators. Opening schools for short periods ‘out of hours’ so parents and care givers can have the opportunity to attend to allow them to be made aware of the skills their children are learning in the class room, so parents can then reinforce those skills and values in the family environment, By broadening the education base of learning for our children in these areas of life skills, there is the potential for greater tolerance and harmony within the broader community, less people being processed in all stages of the judicial system and less  process and less reliance on the medical and hospital systems.

“My respect for this great nation, my belief of putting Australians First and the drive to put people before politics has inspired me to stand for One Nation.”  Ross is inspired by a quote from Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” which is why Ross has his sleeves of his ‘Hi Viz’ rolled up and driving that change.  Rather than being one who stands around lamenting what needs to be done, Ross is a person who is willing to stand up and get things done.  “Give me your vote and ideas so together we can get the job done on these and other areas important to you.  On election day, vote 1, Ross K”.


Please feel free to contact Ross by emailing or call 1300 857 466.

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