Paul Henselin for Scenic Rim

Paul Henselin was born July 1967 in Queensland. Paul is 5th Generation Queenslander, with his Great, Great Grandparents, being part of founding the township of Boonah in the Scenic Rim back in 1867. Who now lay to rest in the Boonah Cemeteries along with Paul’s great grandparents and grandparents leaving strong legacies.

The Henselin men have been strategic fathers, farmers and businessmen across the Scenic Rim region for the last 150 years, operating in faith, farming and business. Pauls Great, Great Grandparents established farming land in Boonah Qld, in 1867. Pauls Great, Great Grandparents were part of the Boonah Baptist Church since 1888, before than attending Church services in the Schneider’s family home at Dugandan Station. Pauls Great Grandparents and Grandparents both were married in Boonah Baptist Church.

Walter Henselin was in the Australian Light Horse in 1916, which today Paul is part of the Australian Light Horse.

This strong righteous heritage has laid a firm foundation for Paul to walk in the footsteps of truth and integrity serving local families, through his business always serving with a spirit of excellence.

Paul completed High School at Gympie, while working in the family business as his father was a mechanical engineer, his parents owned and operated the Gympie petrol station on the Bruce Highway with the Big Pineapple out the front.

In the early 1990s, Paul moved to Brisbane for work and married and raised three children, working in sales for many years leading him to own and operate his business.

Paul also study and is qualified as a fitness trainer and health, which today is incorporated in his community outreach, Kingdom Health which supports and mentors’ men of different ages especially  young men that do not have a father, as Pauls heart is to bring restoration to their hearts/lives which also impacts our communities.

Paul is a local Businessman employing locals, working across the region supporting local business and farmers. Paul is very strong on the need for buy local strategy “buy local produce, support our farmers, support local shops and business across the Scenic Rim and buy Australian made” 

Paul is a man that has served in his Community, food hampers and supporting families in times of crisis that cannot pay their electricity bills, being an advocate on their behalf.

Paul believes One Nation is a catalyst for Cultural change in line with the once valued Australian Constitution and honouring our Anzacs “The soldiers that fought to protect this Nation”.

From a local business man’s view point, Paul has witnessed firsthand legislation and its poor translation towards business and the rural sector across the region, lack of consultation to certain groups that allow for unnecessary hardship, yet legislation for other areas that lacks structure and allows waste and reduces value for money to the taxpayer.  Cost of living, future water and power infrastructures, supporting local business and farmers will make up a large part of what Paul will be addressing and representing the people of Scenic Rim.

At the upcoming Queensland State Election, Paul will campaign on:

  • Construct the Hybrid ‘Bradfield Scheme to drought-proof the State and provide economic growth for the regions.
  • Fair Farmgate milk price for our dairy industry to help struggling farmers in Scenic Rim
  • Adopt a whole of Government ‘Buy Queensland’ strategy that includes awarding contracts to Queensland businesses. For example, QLD Health to buy Queensland owned and operated dairy milk for their hospital and health service facilities.
  • Introduce a ‘Royalties to Regions’ program to fund regional road projects in consultation with communities, local government and local State MPs.
  • Streamline the current system of firearms licensing to make legitimate gun ownership less costly and less convoluted as well as making the licences standardize to a 10-year renewal with no fee increases
  • Allow the productive management of farming properties including the development of a policy governing the removal of regrowth vegetation.
  • Legislate a Fair milk price for Queensland Dairy Farmers to keep the industry within Queensland. Also, to legislate Fair Farmgate Milk Price Labelling for consumers to know how much money will go directly to the Farmer at the gate.
  • Abolish the ‘’Unsafe Schools/ Respectful Relationship” Program that are designed to take away parents’ rights in sex-education whilst sexualizing the classroom and provide gender fluidity studies as part of the curriculum.

Paul and One Nation will work hard for the people of Scenic Rim in bringing accountability for the region, standing firm with courage and conviction to deliver for the community.

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