One Nation’s Neil Symes Branded Labor Superdump an Unwanted Incinerator


One Nation candidate for Jordan, Neil Symes has branded Labor’s decision to establish an unwanted SuperDump and the state’s first garbage incinerator in Ipswich, as one of the main reasons he wants to re-enter Queensland politics.

The Criminology and Human Services graduate who first served as an MP in 2012 at the age of 23 says he’s fired up and determined to overturn Labor’s SuperDump plans if elected.

Mr. Symes said, “If the decision to build a SuperDump isn’t overturned, house prices will tumble leaving many residents with a mortgage worth more than the value of their home, and the region will be left stinking to high heaven."

“The people of Jordan and greater Ipswich don’t need another battle on their hands, especially given the economic fallout and job losses we’re faced with following COVID and a recession.”

“If the Labor Party thinks that building more and more dumps in Ipswich is the economic blueprint to recovery following the coronavirus, god help us."

Mr. Symes has encouraged voters to send a clear message to the regions four Ipswich Members of Parliament by putting Labor last on October 31.

“The people are angry and rightfully so. They don’t want Ipswich dubbed ’Tipswich’, which is sadly growing momentum and will stick if Labor retains Jordan and other seats in the area.”

Former Labor Member for Bundamba, Jo-Ann Miller fiercely rejected her party's support for the SuperDump plans before retiring in February 2020.

The One Nation candidate has also indicated an urgent need to tackle the region's high crime rate and the cost of living pressures facing Jordan families.

“As a criminologist, I find it worrying to read the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that reveal murders have soared by 32% and robbery numbers have increased by a worrying 19% throughout the state."

“Labor have earned themselves the reputation of being the kings of crime due to their soft approach towards criminals.”

Mr. Symes has also identified the need to plan for a high school in the Greenback / New Beith catchment area that will take the pressure off Flagstone and Park Ridge communities as population numbers grow.

“It’s a far better use of taxpayers money if we start building infrastructure the region has been crying out for instead of leaving people on unemployment benefits. Let’s create much-needed jobs."

Queenslanders will go to the polls in under three months, with One Nation hopeful to improve on their two-party preferred vote in Jordan of 40.1%.


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