One Nation Releases Youth Justice Policy


One Nation has released its youth justice policy, labelling it the most comprehensive law and order plan for Queensland ahead of the October election.

The ten-point policy received input from serving and former police officers, aboriginal elders, correctional staff and a deliberate night’s stay in a Townsville bail house.

One Nation candidate for Thuringowa, Troy Thompson said, “Labor has become the kings of crime and should be ashamed of their skyrocketing crime statistics across Queensland.”

Australian Bureau of Statistics crime data released this month reveals Queensland now leads the nation in car theft, homicide, and victims of unlawful entry while recording the largest increase in robberies in a decade.

“Police are at their wit's end because the resources and dedication is there to catch the criminals, but our courts are failing in their efforts to deal with these kids, often releasing them back into the community and allowing them to go on and re-offend time and time again,” Mr. Thompson said.

“The soft approach this government has taken is failing the victims and the publics' expectation that criminals will be dealt with appropriately."

Queensland’s Youth Justice Department reveals 1526 detention centre admissions were made during 2018-19. 37% represent first-ever admissions to detention, while 63% had served prior time.

Mr. Thompson says, “The deterrent in our justice system just isn’t there.”

"These kids know that it’s highly unlikely they’ll serve any time in detention, with 99% of young criminals spending less than 12 weeks in lockup when they are convicted.”

The One Nation youth justice policy also includes assistance to victims of crime.

“I’ve had a screwdriver held to my neck by young thugs in Townsville who wanted my wallet and car keys. I know what victims of crime go through, and this is the only policy that takes into account the sufferer and offers them the assistance they need to deal with the trauma,” Mr. Thompson said.

“We know that most kids and young adults go through life without involving themselves in crime, but sadly there’s always a percentage that needs the full force of the law to come down hard on them. We’re failing them if we don’t."

One Nation holds the balance of power in New South Wales, Western Australia and in the federal parliament and hopes to replicate their position following the October election.

“For an effective Queensland parliament, Labor and the LNP need proper oversight which One Nation has demonstrated in other states across the country.”

The party has already formally endorsed 55 candidates ahead of the October 31 election.



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