One Nation Candidate for Cook “Beaver” Neal Pours on the Pressure


One Nation candidate for Cook Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal has slammed Labor’s Cynthia Lui for keeping her constituent office outside of the electorate. Lui’s Cook electorate office is in Cairns city, more than an hour’s drive away from the southern border of Cook near Port Douglas.

The local Labor MP has failed to respond to calls questioning why this is the case, but One Nation’s Brettlyn “Beaver” Neal has said that simply is not good enough. “How can she claim to serve our rural community in far north Queensland when she is shopping at Cairns Myer and downing cocktails with backpackers at Gilligan’s in the Cairns CBD?”.

Neal has been on the campaign trail for several weeks now, connecting with locals from Cooktown to Weipa and Port Douglas out to Aurukun. Whilst issues of youth crime and further improving the conditions for our remote Indigenous communities were a common thread when talking to locals, “Beaver” insists that the electorate office farce would always come up.

“This is what locals are telling me”, the 35-year old said. “They’re sick and tired of city slickers running the show as our rural communities struggle to secure funding for critical infrastructure like a 24/7 police station that is so desperately needed in Mossman”.

When asked if she would change the situation if elected, Neal was quick to answer “100%, day one I would be scouting locations in Mareeba, Port Douglas or Cooktown before getting straight to work. It angers me that the local member feels that she is better than all of us up here in the electorate of Cook, demonstrated in her arrogance to remain inside this inner-city bubble. We’ve suffered as a result.”

The Queensland state election is coming up on the 31st of October and with far north Queensland’s most recognisable faces on the hustings, Cynthia Lui MP had better be up for one hell of a fight.

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