Michael Blaxland for Gympie

Michael is a proud family man who has been married for 32 years. He has three children and seven grandchildren. Michael has been a long-term member and supporter of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, and he strongly believes in the aims, policies and objectives of the party.   

Michael's love and dedication to his country led him to enlist into the Australian Defence Force, where he served with pride in the Royal Australian Artillery.

During his time in the army, Michael gained Diplomas in Human Resource Management, Leadership and Resource Management. These skills taught Michael to have a practical common-sense approach to problems resulting in good workable solutions. Michael also learnt the value of integrity, loyalty and teamwork. Michael understands the importance of duty and the responsibility that a leader must have to those that they are responsible for. These traits and characteristics are just as important to Michael today as they were back when he was in the army.

As the army representative for Holsworthy Military Training Area, Michael was a sitting member on two Regional NSW Rural Fire Service and Emergency Services Boards. Where he assisted and advised on military matters, and the co-ordination of fire fighting and asset protection.   

Michael has represented Australia with honour and pride on numerous occasions with deployments to the USA, New Zealand and Canada. Michael discharged from the army, as a Warrant Officer after 32 years in March 2007, and took up a career in traffic management until he retired in 2017.

Over the years Michael has witnessed how Queensland and Australia have been grossly mismanaged by both major political parties, and by the destructive influence of the Greens. The selling off of state assets and the total neglect and destruction of our states manufacturing and agricultural industries by successive state governments. This has had a direct impact on the living standards of the majority of Queenslanders.

Michael is disgusted by the arrogance shown to the people of Queensland by the major political parties. Their attitude is one of complete contempt and disrespect to the people of Queensland.

Michael believes in the drought-proofing and water security of Queensland. By way of the Bradfield Water Scheme, the building of more dams and the raising of current dam walls increasing their capacity. Water is not a commodity to be sold to the highest bidder or overseas concerns. Water is life, for our state, our farmers and our future, it is ours and it should not be up for sale.

Michael will work hard to bring down the cost of living, by freezing vehicle registration, electricity costs by not subsidising renewables energy, (if they are any good, then why are we subsidising private companies).

The return of property and fishing rights to farmers and fishers, and all landholders in the state.

The people of Gympie deserve better from the state government. Michael would work for a greater police presence and a better health care system for the people of the region. Too many times people are just passed on to Sunshine Coast University Hospital. This is just not good enough and should not be accepted.

If Michael is elected, he will work tirelessly for the people Gympie, with their welfare and concerns will always be first and foremost.

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