Lyn Moussalli for Kawana

Lyn has joined Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to contest the seat of Kawana because she believes the major parties have not delivered for her community.

With unemployment in Kawana both prior and now proceeding the hight of the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to have the investment and opportunities for locals to be gainfully employed.  The population growth whilst great in parts of our region, we need to implement strategies to create employment paths whilst balancing a work/life balance.

Wherever Lyn goes in Kawana, young people tell her “What’s the point, you are up against hundreds of applicants for a position, and then its only casual employment with no security or future prospects.”

Lyn also wants to tackle the increasing mature unemployment rate for over 55's in the area who are suffering the same predicament as young people. One Nation has a track record of delivering apprenticeship schemes that help people of all ages enter a trade whilst helping in reducing the skills shortage throughout Queensland.

The main employment opportunity in the region currently is the new Sunshine Coast Hospital, however, Lyn will fight to provide additional pathways to diversify other employment fields in Kawana from hospitality, trades and the retail sector.

Lyn sees the need for Government’s to decentralise their call centres to provide economic stimulus in Kawana and surrounding areas as well as a shift away from the State Government being to Brisbane centric.

Lyn is passionate about delivering for her local region the job opportunities for both now and into the future to make Kawana a great place to live and work in.

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