Luke Poland for Caloundra

Born and raised in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, Luke spent his early year's camping, fishing and playing various sports in the community with his three brothers & parents, enjoying the Australian way of life.

In 2002, Luke moved north to the Sunshine Coast at age eighteen taking up a refrigeration and air conditioning apprenticeship following in his fathers and grandfathers footsteps. After many years of hard work providing for his family, Luke has noticed an apparent lack of attention for the 'working Aussie'.

For the last five years, Luke has been a full-time single father of two young boys ages eleven and fifteen, all while managing full-time employment. "Nothing makes me more proud then to be a dad to my two boys and being able to provide and raise them the best I can". Luke's unwavering dedication to his family and country has pursued him to represent Pauline Hanson's One Nation in the upcoming election for his local seat of Caloundra. Luke hopes the change One Nation can bring will not only help the generation of his children but improve the way of life for many generations to come.

Running the seat of Caloundra, Luke is eager to make a change for the people in the community to improve the standard of living as a whole.

"I believe as Australian's; we can come together as one, to make a change for the better."

"I am running for parliament so I can help all Caloundra voters. I plan to kick start the economy and get Queenslanders working again and back to our traditional ways, helping one another and being true Australians."

With your vote, Luke and the One Nation team will reduce the cost of living, fast track the Hybrid-Bradfield Scheme, improve school curriculum and bring back Australian family values.

Luke knows how detrimental the Queensland tourism industry is and will support and assist in growing, maintaining and building it to keep Queensland going.

"Our firefighters work tirelessly and hard, risking their lives to keep us all safe during our hot summer fire season, as well as our amazing Ambulance service and Police Service who keep people alive and our communities safe." Luke sees it as a priority to keep tools, equipment, vehicles and all resources required for our local fire stations, ambulance services, police services and hospitals maintained and up to date.

Honest, transparency & integrity are values ingrained in Lukes character. He believes the major parties have tossed these values by the wayside, and they have lost sight of what matters to the residents of Caloundra.

Luke is the only candidate that you can trust to work tirelessly and listen to real issues facing the region. Your vote and support is the only way Luke and the One Nation team can implement practical and effective change in Caloundra.

Please feel free to contact Luke by emailing

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