Greg Priebe for Condamine

Greg's family history in Condamine can be traced back to his great-great-grandfather and family arriving in 1864. Since those beginnings, each generation has worked and committed to this great country and electorate. A proud family history of serving in the Australian Defence Force, local business, and grain and cattle production on prime agricultural land in the Moola district, the Priebe history is rich and relevant to the drive behind Greg’s commitment to Condamine and this election. Just like his forebears, Greg shows the same hard work ethic, tenacity and resilience that have made him successful today. Happily married with 3 children, Greg and his wife Tracy have the family home in the outskirts of Oakey and are proud to be part of the community.

Greg has the high-level education and multi-industry experience that allows him to connect with a wide range of people in the region. From his rural background, agribusiness and education expertise, Greg is keen to listen and work hard for people to make this region a showpiece for Queensland. 

Greg is all too aware of the growing hardships facing everyday Australians – insecurity in business and employment, profits and assets going overseas, soaring costs of living and much more - all making life harder for you. Meanwhile the major political parties continue to put you last.

As your local One Nation candidate, Greg will do things differently and focus on creating meaningful change in Condamine. Instead of taking an electorate for granted and do nothing, he wants to put locals in the driver’s seat to exercise influence over the decisions that affect them directly and push hard for improvements.   

“Working within education and agriculture, I recognised how desperately we need a different kind of representation in the Queensland Parliament.

To do this, Condamine needs a representative in parliament ready to fight for people. Ready to take on the major parties. Ready to stand-up to those trying to destroy your livelihoods and change your way of life. Ready to put power back in the hands of everyday regional Queenslanders.

Today through his own business, Greg fully understands the near-impossible landscape of Government over-regulation, red and green tape and input costs.

“Our industries and businesses in Condamine, and the rural communities involved in these, represent the beating heart and soul of Australia. Regional areas like Condamine are the lifeline of Queensland and deserve to be put first.”

Greg strongly believes every emphasis should be placed on the economic recovery of Qld and putting Australians in jobs. He is a strong advocate for the approval of Acland Mine and knows the importance and stability it brings to Condamine for business, employment, and revenue.

“The lesson from Acland Mine is simple, let’s never forget the major parties who caused this and killed off the livelihoods and jobs of so many people in our region.”

Greg knows you have every right to feel abandoned by the major parties. He sees the repeated failures to support Australian agriculture and the flow-on effect of this to farmers and rural communities. That includes the dairy industry, multinationals taking over land and water, deteriorating infrastructure, dodgy trade agreements, poor drought relief support and more.

Added to our problems is a Qld State Government that is lawless, wreaks of corruption and take no responsibility for the mess they have put us in. Our State debt is out of control, yet the conditions, opportunities and services provided to people across Qld, especially regional areas, is worse than ever.

Thankfully, Queenslanders have a strong alternative in One Nation who have consistently demonstrated to be the true voice of mainstream Australians.

Greg recognizes the many issues in Condamine and is extremely energetic and passionate about tackling what our current politicians avoid. That includes:

  • Building Australian Manufacturing and Business! Greater support for local business to do what they do best.
  • Better Roads and Transport! Providing the infrastructure that allow people to travel safely and business to shift product.
  • Better Education! Improving education quality and building better outcomes and pathways for youth.
  • Better Social Services! Greater police numbers and resourcing, building better health and wellbeing facilities.
  • Cracking Down on Crime! Tougher sentencing and tackling the factors that cause youth re-offending.
  • Support for Seniors! Making Condamine a supportive, safe and attractive place for retirees.
  • Work and More Play! Encouraging greater state funding towards tourist activities, well-facilitated park land/adventure playgrounds, recreation opportunities and community events in our region.

That’s what Greg and One Nation will work hard to achieve in Condamine and the Queensland Parliament. A different way of thinking. Real representation. A new innovative voice. He will fight hard to make the State Government value this electorate, the people in it and support the infrastructure and facilities you need.

“I want to see a system that works for everyone and puts the power back in the hands of everyday people. We can force a State Govt to take notice of us and put Australians first. We can fix this broken system by showing the major parties the door and letting us build a better future for everybody.”

We can only achieve this with your support, so if you would like to join or help our movement to make Condamine orange, please get in touch!

Please feel free to contact Greg by emailing or call 0423 244 120.

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