Graeme Campbell for Glass House

Born in what was once a thriving dairy community in Southgate, on the banks of the Clarence River in the late 50’s, Graeme spent the first years of his life on his family’s dairy. The only remains left of his family farm are the bails which his father built many years ago.

After completing his schooling in Sydney and graduating from Teacher’s College in Goulburn, Graeme spent 4 years teaching in Sydney, before moving to Queensland in 1983 and starting up his own business. Graeme soon became aware of the extraordinary pressure, loneliness, and requirements of running his own business. 

After starting a family, he joined the Queensland Police Service, reaching the rank of Senior Sergeant. Spending 18 years in the QPS, serving in both city and regional Qld areas and travelling extensively across the state, Graeme gained an understanding of the unique social and crime issues across the state. Returning to the QPS as a Public Servant in a Management position for a further 3 years, the highlight of Graeme’s career was when he was awarded a Global Award for the data quality work which he completed across the Judicial Agencies.

For the past 12 years, Graeme has been working with his wife assisting small businesses grow and develop. He has encountered many examples of the frustration and helplessness of struggling businesses and has been able to assist with their growth to levels they never thought possible. He has a broad knowledge of issues being encountered by businesses across Australia.

Graeme is the proud father of 4 adult children; 2 sons and 2 daughters and has been happily married to his wife of 24 years. He is passionate about Australia, our freedom, family values, integrity, rural communities, and our Aussie way of life.

He has a broad cross section of experience and knowledge within the education field, policing, as well as small to medium businesses and is now is ready to take that experience into the public arena to represent the people of his community.

Graeme’s favourite pastimes are spending time with family, entertaining friends, cooking, volunteering, reading, travel, and enjoying the outdoors.

Graeme is asking for your support to be your voice for the seat of Glass House.


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Postal: PO Box 41 Glass House Mountains QLD 4518

Phone: 0434 041 403


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