Glen Cookson for Springwood

Glen Cookson has been selected to represent the electorate of Springwood on behalf of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. Glen could not sit on the sidelines watching both the toxic Palaszczuk Labor Government nor the inept LNP opposition. As part of the state team, they provide a strong alternative to the two major parties that have let down Queenslanders at this upcoming state election. Glen will advocate on the need to construct water security infrastructure including the Hybrid Bradfield Scheme, bringing manufacturing and jobs back to Queensland, Farmer’s rights, lowering the cost of living and reducing crime in the area. One Nation has a proud history of raising the issues that the major parties are too afraid to on behalf of Queenslanders. Glen and One Nation will work hard for the people of Springwood in bringing accountability for the local community, standing firm with courage and conviction to deliver for the community.

Please feel free to contact Glen by emailing or call 1300 857 466.

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