Gary Duffy for Ipswich West

Gary has been involved in the community for most of his working life, from coaching sports, motor racing to community fundraising, and event planning. Gary believes that at the end of the day it is all about representing the community and community engagement.  Gary comes from a hard-working Queensland family where his Dad was a cane cutter and his mum was a dressmaker, but they still found the time to raise the funds to build a local swimming pool and sports hall.

Gary and his wife Conny are long term Ipswich residents who share the same passions for the Ipswich community and stand side by side when it comes to the health and wellbeing of the Ipswich community.

Gary began as a farmhand and when an apprenticeship came up as a mechanic, Gary took this opportunity and completed his trade by distance learning by the time he turned 19.  By getting his trade through distance learning, Gary fully understands the commitment required and the difficulties of gaining online education.

Gary has been in small business management for the majority of his adult life, winning many awards for his efforts. Gary’s commitment to the community has not waned over time, in 2018 and in 2019, Gary was nominated for Ipswich Australia Day awards Senior Citizen of the year.

Gary has fought for the rights of the residents of Queensland and was instrumental to rid Ipswich of corruption with the support of One Nation. People of Ipswich say, if you have an issue, go and see Gary because he has the guts to do something about it because he listens and actively acts on resolving the issues.

Gary says: “When you go to elect your representative, you need someone who; Cares about the community, who is engaged with the community and this is what the focus should be on – someone who has worked hard for the community and has a track record of giving back to the community.”

One Nation is the only political party that has stood firmly with the Ipswich community against the toxic dumps, Gary is so committed that he has given both written and oral submissions to the Queensland Parliament Committees on Waste and other Government matters.

Gary believes that 2020 is the time for private individuals like himself to stand up for all Queenslander's rights to cheaper electricity, better democratic governance, and a healthier better Queensland.

Gary is an example of the good One Nation candidates who fit the demographics of the area – candidates that meet the needs of the people and will represent them because he has the guts to stand up for the residents when it matters.


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