Frank Weijers for Ninderry

Frank (Frans) is the candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation in the seat of Ninderry. He is a family man who owns a local business in Coolum. Previously, Frank worked for many years in the medical industry throughout Queensland, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. He has a very thorough understanding of the corporate world and is determined to bring about real change in his electorate and for the state.

Frank chose to run in the election as he is tired of seeing the same broken promises and lack of understanding of what the people really want. He is frustrated at the amount of money wasted at the expense of the public purse, the ongoing saga of political party politics, and the utter lack of direction in general.

Queensland has the highest unemployment rate in Australia, thanks to an out of touch Labor government, with very little understanding of just how difficult things are for small business, farmers, families, and retirees.

Frank wants to bring a common-sense approach to the Queensland Parliament and wants to see politicians become more accountable for their actions and take more of an ownership approach to money spent.

Please feel free to contact Frank by emailing or call 0481 007 827.

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