Elton Williams for Ferny Grove

With extensive experience in the world of small business, Elton knows first-hand what it means to work hard, succeed, fail, learn, and keep moving forward until you succeed again.

Elton is well known amongst his family, friends, and colleagues for his knowledgeable and passionate voice on political issues that affect the Australian people.  He has always had a keen interest in Australian politics and believes he can no longer sit idle and watch the Palaszczuk Labor Government and the LNP let Queenslanders down.

Emigrating from South Africa as a child, Elton has lived in Brisbane since the early 1980s; attending school in Holland Park before traveling the world as a scuba-diving instructor.  Since then, he has held roles in sales, management, and business development.  Elton has lived in the local area for 11 years and has recently settled in Ferny Grove with his partner and 3 school-age children.

Elton has a genuine passion for the environment and feels strongly that we need a clean, healthy environment, balanced with our need for farming, mining, and business.

Elton believes in jobs for Australians first, with a focus on creating jobs up the chain from manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure, through to retail and tourism.

Large scale infrastructure such as dams and redirection of water is high on his agenda. Elton strongly supports farmers managing their own land and feels that our water resources should not be purchased by overseas investors and should only be available for acquisition by people with a direct interest in using them.

Affordable energy comes from real science and Elton firmly believes that we need to step away from the hype and move towards energy security with a common sense approach.  Elton supports the need to implement low cost, reliable, power sources, to help Australian families and our manufacturing industries to be competitive on a global scale.

Elton wants to bring back common sense and decisions based on real science and is not afraid to stand up to Labor and the LNP.  He believes that these two major parties don’t always have the best interests of Australians in mind and that “the wrong people to make decisions for the majority of people are the 1% that have never lived like the majority of people”.

Please feel free to contact Elton by emailing fernygrove@qld.onenation.org.au or call 07 3102 0010.

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