Decentralisation Pledge


One Nation candidate Wade Rothery has called for a major shakeup to Queensland government departments, suggesting it is time for a major decentralisation initiative.

Mr. Rothery said, “If there’s anything positive to take from the COVID-19 crisis, it’s that Government departments have proven people can work remotely and achieve the same outcomes, leaving no excuse for the decentralisation of some departments.”

Just this week, Queensland Treasurer, Cameron Dick announced that up to 1500 public servants will be freed from their city commute and allowed to work closer to home under a plan to rebalance the public service in a post-COVID world.

“The virus forced federal and state governments to quickly implement work from home strategies, and while there were initial teething problems, it’s been proven that government employees don’t need to work from Brisbane offices,” Mr. Rothery said.

Livingstone Shire Council’s Centre of Excellence for Disaster Management, Innovation, and Community Resilience (The Hub) has been left largely unoccupied since opening on April 30, 2018.

“The State Government helped fund a state-of-the-art white elephant. It’s a magnificent building that’s sat empty on two levels for more than 800 days,” Mr. Rothery said.

“Nobody wants to move into it despite the efforts made by the current council to entice tenants."

“If the people of Keppel get behind me at this October election, I’ll be calling on the Queensland Government to relocate one of its many call centres to The Hub in Yeppoon.”

“A decision to decentralise select government departments would assist in future jobs for Keppel, but also reduce the risk of offices completely shutting down if future outbreaks occur as they have in Melbourne.”

“I’m confident that if some of these bureaucrats were offered a chance to relocate to a beachside community like Yeppoon or Emu Park where there’s no traffic congestion and the cost of buying a home is much more affordable, they’d jump at the offer.”


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