Darrin Griffith for Cairns

Darrin is a passionate hard worker, with an inbuilt moral compass. He possesses a humble approachable personality and is widely accepted among friends, family, and co-workers as a person who's single point of reference hinges upon truth and compassion. When lobbying for the needs of others, he is no pushover.  We consider Darrin to be the breath of fresh air that Cairns has been seeking.

Darrin has a broadly qualified skillset that enables him to step up to almost any challenge.  He has successfully developed and managed small businesses in both the trade and tourism sectors.  He has also been involved in the mental health care sector and pastoral care.  Throughout these experiences, Darrin has sharpened his ability to relate to a wide cross-section of communities, cultures and people of all ages and genders.

Darrin is well-travelled, but he fell in love with the Cairns region’s rich biodiversity, history, and culture.  It has been five years since Darrin settled in Cairns with his wife and children.

Darrin has been intensely interested in politics for many years but was committed to settling his family in Cairns and establishing his local tourism business.  However, the impact of the coronavirus lockdowns and other recent Queensland government decisions on the Cairns community and economy has been his motivation to now step up place his bid towards sensible leadership.

Observing many of the politicians within the current Queensland parliament is like witnessing canaries in a cage with their timewasting bursts of hot air, broken promises, and activity without productivity.  While he acknowledges that people can make mistakes, Darrin believes that Cairns has waited too long to see true and consistent leadership.  One Nation has selected Darrin as your answer for Cairns because he has a proactive and common-sense approach to leadership, coupled with a desire to see Cairns break through our current difficulties and turn them into a platform of opportunity.

In his conversations around town, Darrin has observed that many Cairns residents are sick of voting for self-interested politicians with only kneejerk short-term solutions to the serious issues for our region.  Case in point is the massive debt and the billions of dollars lost in Cairns resulting from the inflexible Covid-19 border lockdowns.  With no Queensland budget to be handed down until after the election, Darrin fears Cairns will be in serious trouble if Labor is re-elected.  The tourism and hospitality industry is currently losing seven million dollars per day in revenue.  The forecast unemployment for Cairns is set to reach a historic high of more than 30%.  It is like Labor has reduced our region’s economy into a pile of bricks.  Darrin is asking for your vote to win the seat of Cairns so that he can help Cairns regrow and thrive once again.

To press forward, the recovery plan for Cairns needs to begin with foundational materials.  Queensland needs to invest less in overseas imports and invest more in local innovation where it counts.  This includes supporting local manufacturing right here in Cairns and completely banning any Chinese copied indigenous art and cultural tools from the Cairn tourist shops.  Darrin wants to give locals a voice with their creative ideas for local jobs in tourism and hospitality as well as in the sectors of agriculture, healthcare, and infrastructure.  Darrin commits to the policy of strategically minimising unnecessary bureaucracy, removing impedances to projects without compromising safety or quality.  Darrin will also be keen to table ideas from locals that benefit the region (both individuals and companies), especially on the subject of generating an ethical, sensible and balanced discussion on environmental issues, commercial and recreational fishing, water supplies, affordable housing, sustainable energy, mining, cattle, sugar cane, other agricultural practices, roads and transport.  These all-encompassing issues will be critical in ensuring Cairns moves in the right direction quickly and effectively.

The Queensland Government also needs to invest in Cairns with programs to support police and youth workers to reduce youth crime and to work proactively with offenders in ways that will genuinely reward good behaviour and provide positive role models for their future.  Cairns also needs to implement better ways to treat and support mental illnesses and indigenous health with significant and continued investment into our hospitals and local health precincts.  Cairns also needs the Queensland Government to invest in a state-wide support program to overhaul our educational system and educational codes of conduct to establish a more effective educational environment that is both moral and user-friendly for both students and teachers.

Darrin has agreed to stand as the One Nation Candidate for Cairns to “not just give it a shot”, but because he believes that if we miss our opportunity to make a positive difference, Cairns may well lose its historical and present identities.

Before you cast your vote, Darrin would like to kindly invite all Cairns voters to contact him with their issues, doubts, and questions. He challenges you to carefully consider your vote so that you can be confident that Darrin is the One Nation leader to lead Cairns out of this dire situation.  By the time an election arrives, it can be tempting to make a quick decision on election day or even choose to vote the way we have always voted.  However, this time it needs to be different.  We must not let Cairns become a blurred footnote in the history books.  Please take some time to contact me with your questions or concerns.  It will be the beginning of working together for our collective future.

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