Damian Huxham for Hervey Bay

A committed family man, Damian works thousands of kilometres away from home for long periods of time to provide a good home for his wife and two young children in rural Booral, near Hervey Bay in Queensland. He completed his apprenticeship as a Carpenter before travelling to Canada for an extended working holiday, later returning to Sydney to work in the security and construction industries until moving to Queensland in 2000.

Damian and his wife Maria were married in Brisbane in 2003 and chose the Fraser Coast as the ideal place to bring up their family.

As an operator of several successful small businesses, Damian knows the value of a ‘fair days work for a fair days pay.’ Until recently, Damian and Maria ran the very successful Sweet and Sour liquorice business whilst also being the Queensland distributor of the imported and local product lines. Damian also ran the very successful Queensland branch of the Nationwide company called Homewrap which supplies packaging materials to the removals and storage industries throughout Australia and New Zealand. This experience also broadens Damian’s empathy with small business operators, Australians willing to dig in and have a go.

Damian believes he will excel in representing the seat of Hervey Bay due to his genuine working-class perspective.

As a self-funded candidate, Damian believes Australian Politics needs a real change, a shakeup, an injection from real working-class people who deal with, job cuts, redundancies and the poor decisions handed down by people, so out of touch with the people they were elected to represent.

Damian states:

“To make a difference, you need to be the difference, politicians need to be real people; the days of ‘career politicians’ with no real-life experience have to be over if Australia is to once again be a prosperous nation.

I won’t pretend to have all the answers, but if elected I will regularly rely on input from constituents to make Hervey Bay the best it can be. Australia cannot afford to keep alternating between two major political parties that have literally sold Australians out.”

Damian strongly believes One Nation is the only political party that truly is the voice for all people in our great country. That’s why Damian has once again put his hand up to stand alongside Pauline Hanson in the upcoming Queensland State Election.

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