Agforce Versus Pauline Hanson on Bradfield Scheme


One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has labelled AgForce as counterproductive following a statement by Queensland’s peak farming body that the money needed to build a hybrid version of the Bradfield Scheme would be better spent elsewhere.

The Queensland Senator has boldly supported the water project since her re-election to the federal parliament in 2016.

Senator Hanson said, "These organisations have been proven in the past to not always make the right decisions for the man on the land.”

“Peak farming bodies have destroyed the pig industry, they’ve supported free trade agreements that have hurt fruit growers and look at what their support of deregulating the dairy industry has done to Queensland farmers."

“They’re too often glued to the hip of political parties which prevents them from truly representing the interest of their farming members.”

"If we want to increase our farming capacity, Queensland must commit to the Bradfield Scheme."

A feasibility study into the Bradfield Scheme was delivered in 2018 revealing an estimated $20 billion investment would be required to complete the project.

Senator Hanson said, “Drought proofing Queensland should be the number one priority of the next Government, but both Labor and the LNP have more interest in throwing their support behind a bid for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics which has cost Japan $12.6 billion, and the previous host city of Rio more than $13 billion in 2016.”

“Labor has a woeful reputation when it comes to water. They’ve failed to repair Paradise Dam. They’ve played games and stalled the Rookwood Weir and their Pristine Rivers legislation will quite literally prevent any further water infrastructure from being built in Queensland if they win the next term of Government.”

“We need to drive significant investment into water and electricity across Queensland and if AgForce can't see that, they’re part of the problem.”

“If One Nation holds the balance of power in the next Parliament, we will introduce a publicly available water register so that every Queenslander can see who owns the precious commodity.”

“Let’s see who in AgForce owns and trades water at the cost of farmers?”

“Let’s see if there’s self-interest at play here.”

One Nation will run in 90 Queensland seats at the upcoming October 31 state election.


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